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Virtual Currencies

Various attempts to foster online payment systems and currencies have been attempted since the advent of the public Internet, however, the rise of what might be called 'crypto currencies', due to the role encryption plays, has come to the forefront. At present, a key issue with crypto currencies is they bypass a bank or central repository structure, utilizing distributed peer-to-peer computing power.  Virtual crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, and a recent attempt to resurrect a gold backed e-currency have many wondering what they are, will they succeed, what are the public policy, taxation, security, and legal implications.

Scroll down the page to see numerous linked news articles, discussion-opinion pieces, academic-technical writings that you may find of interest surrounding the political, security, technical aspects of virtual currencies-payment systems. 
Also included, are items pertaining to monetary policy, debt issues, and elimination of cash.

--Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Blasts Centralized Crypto Exchanges: ‘I Hope They Burn In Hell’, By Helen Partz, 07/07/2018
--Event (concluded): Federal Reserve Reform: A Conversation With Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY), 06/27/2018
Host: The American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.  Event Photoset - Event Video
--Event (concluded): Unelected Power: Central Banking, The Regulatory State, And Democratic Legitimacy, 06/18/2018
Host: The American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.  Event Photoset - Event Video
--(Study) Is Bitcoin Really Untethered?, My John M. Griffin - Amin Shams, 06/13/2018
--Event (concluded): Lessons Learned From 10 Years Of Quantitative Easing, 06/07/2018
Host: The American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.  Event Photoset - Event Video
--(Alt Opinion-QE) Nomi Prins: The Central Banking Heist That Put The World At Risk, By Liam Halligan, 06/15/2018
--(Bank Of England Working Paper) Central Bank Digital Currencies - Design Principles And Balance Sheet Implications (M. Kumhof & C. Noone)
--(Opinion) National Government Digital Currencies Versus Globally Distributed Cryptocurrencies: In Depth, By Rainer Michael Preiss
--Joe Davis Says Central Banks May Be Bitcoin’s Biggest Threat, By Aaron Hankin
--Event (concluded): Will The American Tradition Of Community Banking Survive The 21st Century?, 05/09/2018,
Host: The American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.
--As Cryptocurrencies Rise, Who Needs Banks?, By Antonio Fatas and Beatrice Weder di Ma
--Free Banking In The Digital Age, By Warren L. Coats
--The Case For Central Bank Electronic Money And The Non-Case For Central Bank Cryptocurrencies, By Aleksander Berentsen and Fabian Schar
--Event (concluded): The Myth Of Independence: How Congress Governs The Federal Reserve (archived event video), 05/24/2018 
Host: The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.
--Event (concluded): Digital Currencies: Implications For Central Banks (archived event video), 04/18/2018
Host: The Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.  
(also see Money In The Digital Age: What Role For Central Banks? (Agustín Carstens, Gen. Mgr., [BIS]The Bank For International Settlements)
(BIS Chief Bashes Cryptos, Demands Young People "Stop Trying To Create Your Own Money")
(Central Banking In A Digital Age: Stock-Taking And Preliminary Thoughts, By Eswar Prasad)
--Event (concluded): Smart Financial Regulation Roundtable: Implications of Cryptocurrencies 04/11/2018
Hosts: Mercatus Center - IFM, Washington D.C.
--Event (concluded): DC Blockchain Summit 2018, Hosts: Chamber Of Digital Commerce - Georgetown University Center For Financial Markets, Washington, D.C. March 6-8, 2018
--Event (concluded): Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain: Techno-Gold Or Fool’s Gold? (archived event video), 02/12/2018
Host: The American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC 
(also see To Regulate Or Not To Regulate? Cryptocurrencies Beg Question, By Paul H. Kupiec)
--Philip Rosedale Defends Use Of Blockchain As Social VR Payment System, By Wagner James AU, 03/15/2018
(Analyses-Opinion) Bitcoin, Cybercurrencies And Blockchain, By Warren L. Coats
--CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations  
--R/Bitcoin      --Preev (Simple Bitcoin Converter)
--Making A Crypto Utopia In Puerto Rico (NYT, Registration May Be Required)
--What Determines The Price Of A Bitcoin
--(Research Paper [.pdf]) The Viability Of Cryptocurrency As A Replacement To Government Fiat Currency  
--(Research Paper [.pdf] Fedcoin A Blockchain-Backed Central Bank Cryptocurrency
--(Working Paper .pdf) Decentralization In Bitcoin And Ethereum Networks
--(Working Paper, Registration Required Pre-Access) Bitcoin Laundering: An Analysis Of Illicit Flows Into Digital Currency Services, By Tom Robinson, D.Phil, & Yaya Fanusie, 01/12/2018 (Working Paper DL Link Active @01/15/2018 .pdf)
--Cryptography for Mortals – Let’s Explain Public and Private Keys!
--Don and Alex Tapscott's book "Blockchain Revolution" is out:
--Blockchain Revolution book launch at the Canadian Embassy Washington D.C., event photoset:
--The Cato Institute: Cryptocurrency: The Policy Challenges of a Decentralized Revolution and event photoset:
--Keynote Address of CFTC Commissioner J. Christopher Giancarlo Before the Cato Institute, Cryptocurrency: The Policy Challenges of a Decentralized Revolution, April 12, 2016
--Chamber of Digital Commerce and Georgetown University held a DC Blockchain Summit Details:

   The Bitcoin Revolution
The Cato Institute, a Washington, D.C. based policy Think-Tank held their 32nd Annual Monetary Conference on Thursday November 6, 2014 from 9:00am to 6:15pm.

A panel on "The Bitcoin Revolution" discussed bitcoin and crypto currencies.
Event Photoset:

PANEL 1: THE BITCOIN REVOLUTION (9:45 - 11:00 a.m.)
Moderator: Jim HarperSenior Fellow, Cato Institute, and Global Policy Counsel, Bitcoin Foundation
Kevin Dowd Professor of Finance and Economics, Durham University
Lawrence H. White Professor of Economics, George Mason University
Bennett T. McCallum Professor of Economics, Carnegie Mellon University

CFTC Panel on Digital Currency
Introduction - Bitcoin

Hosted By: U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Global Markets Advisory Committee (GMAC)
Commissioner Mark Wetjen, GMAC Sponsor; Ted Serafini, GMAC Designated Federal Official
When/Where: Thursday October 9, 2014, 3:45-4:45pm, U.S. CFTC Public Hearing Room 1155 M St. NW Washington, D.C.
--David Van Wagner, Chief Counsel, Division of Market Oversight (CFTC)
--Thomas Leahy, Associate Director, Division of Market Oversight (CFTC)
--Jerry Brito, Executive Director, Coin Center
--Houman Shadab, Professor of Law, New York Law School
--Tim Byun, Chief Compliance Officer, BitPay
--Leonard Nuara, President and Co-Founder, TeraExchange
CFTC-GMAC Event News Release 
Full Transcript of US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission Bitcoin Session 
Event Video:
Event Photoset: 

Bitcoin In The Beltway

Where: June 20-22, 2014 in Washington, D.C.
Please visit
for event overview.

An Event Photoset May Be Viewed At:


Debut of Robocoin Bitcoin ATM on Capitol Hill
Where: April 8, 2014 4-7pm Rayburn HOB Rm. 2103 Washington, D.C.
An Event Photoset May be Viewed At: 

Overview: Demonstration of Robocoin, a kiosk for buying and selling Bitcoin.
Remarks By: Congressman Jared Polis(Colorado); Jordan Kelley, CEO & Co-Founder, Robocoin; John Russell, Co-Founder, Robocoin; Jim Harper, Global Policy Counsel, The Bitcoin Foundation and Senior Fellow The Cato Institute; Other: Congresman Robert Goodlatte(Virginia) stopped by to listen to remarks, and review the Robocoin ATM
Robocoin ATM -
Congressman Jared Polis -
Congressman Robert Goodlatte -
Jim Harper - and 
Here’s What Happens When a Bitcoin ATM Comes to Congress 
Mr. Bitcoin Goes To Washington
Robocoin Will Set Up a Temporary Bitcoin ATM on Capitol Hill

Texas Bitcoin Conference
A two day Texas Bitcoin Conference was held March 5-6, 2014 at the Circuit Of The Americas conference facility outside Austin, Texas.
For information on presenters, presentations, please visit:

A photoset of over 200 images may be viewed at:

Here are some news articles, discussion, opinion pieces, technical writings that you may find of interest surrounding the political, security, technical aspects of virtual currencies-payment systems. 
Also included, are items pertaining to monetary policy, debt issues, and elimination of cash

--(Cashless Society) GOING CASHLESS?? Someone Better Tell The Federal Reserve, As Currency In Circulation Reaches New High, 08/21/2018
--Cryptocurrency – Its Status As Money, By Alasdair MacLeod, 07/10/2018
--Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Blasts Centralized Crypto Exchanges: ‘I Hope They Burn In Hell’, By Helen Partz, 07/07/2018 
--(Opinion-Analyses, Video 18 min.) Ron Paul: Abolish The Fed's Money Monopoly, By Ron Paul - Chris Rossini, 07/06/2018
--BIS Chief Bashes Cryptos, Demands Young People "Stop Trying To Create Your Own Money", By Tyler Durden And William Suberg, 07/05/2018
--The Dark Cloud Of Global Debt... The Perfect Storm Looms, By Alex Deluce, 07/05/2018 
--(Analyses-Opinion) Inflation Rearing Its Ugly Head, By Alasdair MacLeod, 07/05/2018
--(Analyses-Opinion) Hallmark Of An Economic Ponzi Scheme, By John P. Hussman, 07/12/2018
--(OT) Amazon’s Fusion With The State Shows Neo-Liberalism’s Drift To Neo-Fascism, By Elliott Gabriel, 06/29/2018 
--How Long Can The Federal Reserve Stave Off the Inevitable?, By Paul Craig Roberts, 06/26/2018 
--Inflation: The Elusive Target, By Jim Kudlinski, 06/23/2018  
--The Dollar Dilemma: Where to From Here?, By Ron Paul, 06/22/2018
--The Mystery Of John Williams At The New York Fed, By Danielle DiMartino Booth, 06/21/2018
--(OT) Jared Lanier: "Delete Your Account" Warns Virtual Reality Founding Father, By Tyler Durden, 06/19/2018
--BIS: The Bigger Cryptocurrencies Get, The Worse They Perform, By Reuters Staff, 06/17/2018,
--CIA 'Neither Confirms Nor Denies' Knowledge Of True Identity Of Satoshi Nakamoto, By Tyler Durden, 06/16/2018
--Triffin’s Dilemma And U.S. Trade Deficits, By Hugo Salinas Price, 06/14/2018
--(Opinion-QE) Nomi Prins: The Central Banking Heist That Put The World At Risk, By Liam Halligan, 06/15/2018
--(Study) Is Bitcoin Really Untethered?, My John M. Griffin - Amin Shams, 06/13/2018
--Bitcoin Price Manipulation Versus What’s Going on In Dark Pools, By Pam Martens and Russ Martens, 06/14/2018
--Binance Is About To Build Another Crypto Exchange in Jersey, By Chloe Jiang, 06/13/2018
--(OT) 12 Tips For Making Sense Of The World, By Caitlin Johnstone, 06/11/2018
--The Misconception Of Central Banks, By Martin Armstrong, 06/11/2018
--(Event): Lessons Learned From 10 Years Of Quantitative Easing, AEI, 06/07/2018
--(Derivatives) In Our Derivative World Anything Is Truth. In The Real World, Truth Is Truth, 06/08/2018 
--(Derivatives) After Capitalism, The Derivative, By McKenzie Wark, 04/09/2017
--Ethereum Creator (Vitalik Buterin) Asks "Do Rothschilds Control Cryptocurrencies?", By Tyler Durden, 05/29/2018
--Bitcoin Backlash As ‘Miners’ Suck Up Electricity, Stress Power Grids In Central Washington, By Paul Roberts, 05/26/2018
--(Bank Of England Working Paper) Central Bank Digital Currencies - Design Principles And Balance Sheet Implications, By Michael Kumhof and Clare Noone, May 2018
--Joe Davis Says Central Banks May Be Bitcoin’s Biggest Threat, By Aaron Hankin, 05/22/2018
--Inflation, A Villain Found, And A Circular Game, By Brian Barnier, 05/21/2018
--(Opinion) National Government Digital Currencies Versus Globally Distributed Cryptocurrencies: In Depth, By Rainer Michael Preiss, 05/21/2018 
--Norway Central Bank Considers Developing Digital Currency, By Ana Alexandre, 05/19/2018
--Swiss Government Requests Study On State-Backed Digital Currency, By Ana Alexandre, 05/18/2018
--Did The NSA Create Bitcoin? That's Classified, By Globalintelhub, 05/12/2018
--Nobel Winner Nash Critiques Economic Theory, By Julia Zuckerman, 04/27/2005
--(Cashless Society) Australia Bans Cash For All Purchases Over $7,500 Starting July Of 2019, By Matt Novak, 05/11/2018
--(Cashless Society) A Cashless Society - It Is Coming, By Virginia Fidler, 05/09/2018
--As Cryptocurrencies Rise, Who Needs Banks?, By Antonio Fatas and Beatrice Weder di Mauro, 05/07/2018
--(Event): Will The American Tradition Of Community Banking Survive The 21st Century?, AEI, 05/09/2018
--(Cashless Society) Scandinavians Are Done With Cash, 05/01/2018
--Free Banking In The Digital Age, By Warren L. Coats, 05/01/2018
--The Next Step In Crypto’s Evolution: Consolidation, By Jan Bauer, 04/27/2018
--Bitcoin, NSAs MONKEYROCKET, Is Going To Save The Old Financial System From Collapse, By GlobalIntelHub, 04/29/2018 
--Snowden Leak Suggests NSA Is Extensively Tracking Bitcoin Users, By Wolfie Zhao, 03/21/2018
--The Case For Central Bank Electronic Money And The Non-Case For Central Bank Cryptocurrencies, By Aleksander Berentsen and Fabian Schar, 02/28/2018
--(Event): The Myth Of Independence: How Congress Governs The Federal Reserve, 04/24/2018, The Heritage Foundation, Wash., D.C. (Live Streamed)
--(Opinion) This Is Not A Market, By Raul Ilargi Meijer, 04/23/2018
--Bitcoin Processor Bans WikiLeaks Shop, By Robert Wenzel, 04/21/2018
--Likely New York Fed President (John Williams) Says Bitcoin 'Doesn't Pass The Basic Test' For A Currency, By Jeff Cox, 04/20/2018
--(Cashless Society) “Ice Nine” Comes To China, By James Rickards, 04/20/2018 
--(Cashless Society) Sweden's 'Cash Rebellion' Fears "We Have No Weapon Fight Back...If Putin Invades", By Tyler Durden, 04/06/2018
--Report: India BANS Bitcoin Wallets, Bank Funding, All Cryptocurrency Services, By Dade Murphy, 04/05/2018
--(Opinion) What The Taxman Can Learn From Crypto, By Annette Nellen, 04/04/2018
--Australia Hurls New Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations, 04/04/2018
--New AML Rules For Australia’s Bitcoin Exchanges, By Manhar, 04/04/2018
--(Central Bank) John Williams Named Next New York Fed Chair, By Tyler Durden, 04/03/2018
--(Event) Digital Currencies: Implications For Central Banks, The Brookings Institution, Tues. April 17, 2018, 2:00-3:30 p.m. EDT
--(Discussion-r/bitcoin) The Federal Reserve - Silently Robbing You Of Your Purchasing Power Ever Since 1913..., By NirpUmbrella, 03/29/2018
--(Reserve Currency Impact) China Taking First Steps To Pay For Oil In Yuan this Year, By Sumeet Chatterjee And Meng Meng 03/29/2018   
--How Digital Citizens Will Become Independent of Location Based Governments By Joe Jarvis 03/26/2018
--Swiss Foundation Gets $30 Million To Start "Non-Volatile" Cryptocurrency, By William Suberg, 03/23/2018
--A Nobel-Winning Economist Is Part Of A Team launching A Low-Volatility Cryptocurrency, By Eshe Nelson And Joon Ian Wong, 03/22/2018
--College Students Are Using Student Loans To Invest In Bitcoin. Yes, Really, By Kin Cheung, 03/22/2018
(Discussion-College Students Using Student Loans)
--UK Government Is Looking Into Cryptocurrencies With New Task Force, By Rebecca Campbell, 03/22/2018
--G20 Conducts Special Task Force To Regulate Cryptocurrencies, By Ross Peili, 03/21/2018
--Should The U.S. Mint Retire The Penny And Nickel?, By Robert Wenzel, 03/20/2018
--Trump Prohibits U.S. Purchases Of Venezuelan Cryptocurrency, By Toluse Olorunnipa And Patricia Laya, 03/19/2018
--Measuring Venezuela’s Hyperinflation, By Steve H. Hanke, 03/02/2018
--A Message For The New U.S. Economic Czar, Larry Kudlow, By Steve H. Hanke, 03/15/2018
--Stablecoins Explained, By Lukas Schorr, 03/15/2018,
--(Central Banking) Yi Gang Named Head Of People's Bank Of China, 03/19/2018,
--(Cashless Society) How Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Could Kill Off Cash, By David Cox, 03/16/2018
--Financial Impact Of Central Bank Digital Currencies, By TCO, 03/16/2018
--Puerto Rico Lures Blockchain Industry To Help Fund Its Comeback, By Dawn Giel And Seema Mody, 03/16/2018
--Bitcoin's ‘Death Cross’ Looms As Strategist Eyes $2,800 Level, By Todd White And Eddie Van Der Walt, Updated 03/16/2018
--VR Investor Moves Into Cryptocurrency With Asset Store Rare Bits, By Dean Takahashi, 03/16/2018
--Augmented Reality Is Shaping The Future Of Finance, By Eugene Rudenko, 03/16/2018
--Philip Rosedale Defends Use Of Blockchain As Social VR Payment System, By Wagner James AU, 03/15/2018
--Why Blockchain Isn’t Ready For Primetime, By Adam Frisby, 03/11/2018
--The Bitcoin Fad Is Fading—For Now, By Olga Kharif, Updated 03/‎15/‎2018
--The U.S. House of Representatives Capital Markets, Securities, And Investments Subcommittee Holds First Cryptocurrency Hearing, By Cameron Carpenter, 03/15/2018
--Google Bans Crypto Ads - No Currencies, Ads, Exchanges, Wallets, Advice, By C. Edward Kelso, 03/14/2018
--(Tabloid) The Mysterious Crypto Billionaires Taking Over Puerto Rico, By Michael Kern, 03/14/2018
--World’s Central Bank: Crypto Could Risk Bank Runs, By Michael Bennet, 03/13/2018
--Openbazaar Raises $5M from Investors Including Bitmain, By Michael Bennet, 03/13/2018
--(Analyses-Opinion) Bitcoin, Cybercurrencies And Blockchain, By Warren L. Coats 03/12/2018
--(Discussion) Bitcoin Is The First Hyperdeflation In History, Injecting Trust Into A Currency Regulated By An Algorithm--Not By Men, By Demelzahays, 03/12/2018
--Silicon Valley Helps Crypto Hedge Fund Reach Over Quarter Billion, By Avi Mizrahi, 03/11/2018
--(Cashless Society) China’s Bank Governor Admits Cash Might Go Extinct, Sergio Goschenko, 03/09/2018
--Big Brother Is Coming For Bitcoin, By James Rickards, 03/08/2018
--Andreessen, Others, Invest In U.S. Digital Currency Fund, By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss, 03/08/2018
--Federal Judge Opens The Door To CFTC To Regulate Virtual Currency, By Katheryn Tucker, 03/07/2018
--Bitmain Wants To Invest In Blockchain-Powered 'Central Banks', By Annaliese Milano and Stan Higgins, 03/07/2018
--(Monetary - Central Bank) Study Finds Increase In Trips Between The Fed And Banksters Around FOMC Meetings, By Robert Wenzel 03052018
--(Video Interview 6:13) BOE Governor Carney On Regulating Cryptocurrencies, By Stephanie Flanders, 03/02/2018
--Bank Of England Governor Carney: Crypto Industry Should Be Held To Same Standard As Financial System, By Rebecca Campbell, 03/02/2018
--(Discussion) Is Bitcoin Deflationary? And If So Is That Good?, By , 03/01/2018, Kentroccas 
--BAM: The SEC is Going After the Cryptocurrency Related ICO Market, By Robert Wenzel, 03/01/2018 
--(Cashless Society) People In Sweden Now At Risk Of Losing Access To Notes, By Hanna Hoikkala And Amanda Billner, 02/28/2018 
--(Cashless Society) Silicon Valley Joins War On Cash: Tim Cook Seeks "Elimination Of Money", By Tyler Durden, 02/17/2018
--Matthew Lesko, 90’s “Free Money Guy” States Bitcoin Is A Scam, By Sergio Goschenko, 02/25/2018
--How The US Government Handles Its Massive Stash Of Bitcoins, By Rakesh Sharma, 02/25/2018 |
--Counterpoint: No New Bitcoin Regulations Are Needed, By William Luther, 02/25/2018
--Coinbase Compelled By IRS To Provide 13,000 Customers’ Information, 02/25/2018
--Bank of America Admits Bitcoin Is A Threat In SEC Report, By Adam James, 02/23/2018
--Bitcoin: MPs Launch Inquiry Into Digital Currencies, 02/22/2018
--Bank of England Governor Claims “Bitcoin Has Failed,” By Cameron Carpenter, 02/22/2018
--Over 1,200 Crypto Scam Complaints Piled Up On Australian Consumer Watchdog By The End Of 2017, 02/22/2018
--Venezuela's New Cryptocurrency: Just Another Form Of Control Fraud, By Charles Hugh Smith, 02/22/2018
--Venezuela To Go Full Crypto - All Coins To Be Accepted For Payments, By Sergio Goschenko, 02/22/2018
--Petro: Stable Coin For Crypto Economy Or Illegal Oil Futures?, By Thomas Meyer, 02/22/2018
--Russia Is Leading The Push For Blockchain Democracy, By Michael del Castillo, 02/21/2018
--Several Factors Are Driving Renewed Bullish Sentiment For Bitcoin, By Julio Gil-Pulgar, 02/21/2018
--Iran Already Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency, By Sergio Goschenko, 02/21/2018
--ETF Industry Veteran Says Cryptocurrency "Has The Power To Transform Financial Markets" By Tyler Durden, 02/21/2018
--How To Cash Out Your Bitcoins Without Paying Taxes (5 Tips), By Michelle Klein, 02/20/2018
--Here's Why Banks Hate Cryptocurrencies, By Tyler Durden, 02/19/2018
--Deutsche: "If Trust In Monetary & Political Stability Were Lost, People Would Turn To Cryptocurrencies", By Tyler Durden, 02/19/2018
--3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64 - Mysterious Crypto-Trader Dip-Buys $400 Million, By Tyler Durden, 02/15/2018 
--Number Of Crypto Hedge Funds Surges Amid Bitcoin Volatility, By Maiya Keidan And Jemima Kelly, 02/15/2018
--Charlie Munger Calls Bitcoin 'Totally Asinine''Noxious Poison,' By Robert Wenzel, 02/15/2018
--DC Blockchain Hearing Sees Call For Congressional Commission, By Nikhilesh De, 02/14/2018
"It's Millennial Gold" - Selloff Hasn't Shaken True Believers' Faith In Bitcoin By Tyler Durden, 02/14/2018
--CFTC Votes To Create Virtual Currency Subcommittee, By CC Freak, 02/14/2018
--Report: Few Americans Reporting Cryptocurrency Trading To IRS - For Now, By Anna Irrera, 02/13/2018
--Independent Ratings Agency Alerts Investors About Dangers Of Tether, By Avi Mizrahi, 02/13/2018
--Russian Banks Ready To Switch Off SWIFT – Official, 02/13/2018
--(Central Bank, Analyses-Commentary) David Stockman: Swan Song Of The Central Bankers - Yellen's "My Girl", By David A. Stockman, 02/15/2018
--(Video) World Government Summit Panel: Is The Future Of Cryptocurrencies Gold Or Dust?, 02/13/2018
--Arizona, Colorado, And Wyoming Present Legislation Supporting Cryptocurrency, By Brenden Weber, 02/12/2018
--Iceland To Use More Energy Mining Bitcoin Than Powering Its Homes This Year, By Tom Herbert, 02/11/2018
--US: Arizona Senate Passes Bill To Allow Tax Payments In Bitcoin, By Helen Partz, 02/11/2018
--(Video Interview 10:16) Ron Paul: Bitcoin vs. The Fed, By Naomi Brockwell, 02/10/2018
--Bitcoin Billionaires To Build Island Paradise Where The Elite Cryptocurrency Super-Rich Will Be Able To Live, By Jon Lockett, 02/10/2018
--Cryptocurrency Lender DavorCoin Defrauds Investors Out Of Millions, By ZeroPointNow, 02/10/2018
--Federal Reserve: "In A Dystopian World, Bitcoin Would Dominate Payment Methods", By Tyler Durden, 02/09/2018
--Roubini On Attack: Bitcoin 'Nuts" Will Hold The E-Currency Until The Price Falls To Zero, By Robert Wenzel, 02/08/2018
--Bitcoin Bull Novogratz Raises $250 Million For Cryptocurrency Merchant Bank, 02/07/2018
--Cryptocurrencies Are Like Ponzi Schemes, World Bank Chief Says, By Shelly Hagan, 02/07/2018
--The Richest People In Cryptocurrency, 02/06/2018
--(Lecture .pdf) Money In The Digital Age: What Role For Central Banks? By Agustín Carstens (General Manager, BIS), 02/06/2018 
--China Moves To Completely Ban And Block Cryptocurrency Trading At Home And Abroad, By Marsha Borak, 02/05/2018
--Banks In Britain And U.S. Ban Bitcoin Buying With Credit Card, By Lawrence White And Emma Rumney, 02/05/2018 
--India To Bar Cryptocurrencies From Its Payments System: Finance Ministry Official, By Manoj Kumar, 02/05/2018
--As Bitcoin Bubble Loses Air, Frauds And Flaws Rise To Surface, By Nathaniel Popper, 02/05/2018
--Should Cryptocurrencies Be Regulated?, By Mark Jamison, 02/05/2018
--The Bitcoin Rating Controversy Why We Give It a C+, By Martin D. Weiss And Juan M. Villaverde, 02/05/2018
--(Technical) Understanding Payment Channels – Off Chain Transactions, By Federico Tenga, 02/05/2018
--Bitcoin And Blockchain, Explained For Laymen: A Long-Read Q&A With Jerry Brito, By James Pethokoukis, 02/05/2018
--My First Attempt To Buy Bitcoin Was A Frustrating Failure, By ccf, 02/04/2018 
--Making A Crypto Utopia In Puerto Rico, By Nellie Bowles 02/02/2018
--BitFury Group Officially Unveils Crystal, A Blockchain Analysis Tool, By AK-47, 02/02/2018
--Japanese Authorities Raid Hacked Coincheck Exchange, By Jeff Francis, 02/02/2018
--CME Chief: ‘We Need To Learn More’ Before Adding New Cryptocurrency Futures, By Rebecca Campbell, 02/02/2018
--Nouriel Roubini: 'Bitcoin'-“The Mother Of All Bubbles” Favoured By “Charlatans And Swindlers”, By Angela Monaghan, 02/02/2018 
--Bitcoin Braces For Worst Week Since 2013, 02/02/2018
--Russia's Finance Ministry Suggests Creating Crypto-Currency Trading Offshore, 02/02/2018
--Illinois Government Eyes Blockchain For Inter-Government Operations And IDs, By UseTheBitcoin, 02/02/2018
--India Vows To Eliminate Use Of Cryptocurrencies: "The Government Does Not Consider Cryptocurrencies Legal Tender Or Coin," 02/01/2018
--Ken Rogoff On The Next Financial Crisis And The Future Of Bitcoin, By Trevor N. Cadigan And Sara Silverstein, 01/31/2018
(Video Interview Kenneth Rogoff - Sara Silverstein 3:17)
--U.S. Regulators Subpoena Crypto Exchange Bitfinex, Tether, By Robert Wenzel, 01/31/2018
--Square Cash Platform To Enable Buy-Sell Of Bitcoin-Ethereum, By Emily Bary, 01/31/2018
--What Is A Decentralized Exchange, And How Does It Work?, By Shea Newkirk, 01/31/2018
--(Opinion) To Regulate Or Not To Regulate? Cryptocurrencies Beg Question, By Paul H. Kupiec, 01/31/2018
--Switzerland Looks To Cryptocurrency To Stop 'Swiss Bank Culture' Decline, By David Dawkins, 01/29/2018
--Governments Worry That Cryptocurrencies Could Be The ‘Next Swiss Bank Account’, By Rob Urban, 01/29/2018 
--(Question-Discussion) Wants To Invest In Binance (reqs. Crypto, no Fiat)-Bitcoin Illegal In Country, By Guidednow, 01/29/2018
--BTCC Acquired; Shifts Focus To International Pool, Wallet, and Exchange Markets, , 01/29/2018
--What The World’s Central Banks Are Saying About Cryptocurrencies, By Eric Lam, 01/29/2018
--Who’s Really Getting Rich In Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies, By Marty Glover 01/28/2018
--(Opinion) Blockchain's Broken Promises, By Nouriel Roubini, 01/26/2018 
--Why A Bitcoin Future Will Always End Up In Centralization, 01/26/2018
--May Says She’ll Look ‘Very Seriously’ At Action On Bitcoin, By John Micklethwait, Tim Ross, and Jill Ward, 01/25/2018
--(Discussion) Is Bitcoin A Creation Of Central Banks?, By FlatronTheRon, 01/25/2018
--Regulators Ask Congress For More Power To Police Cryptocurrencies, By Sylvan Lane, 01/25/2018
--(Opinion) The War On Bitcoin Is Proof Crypto Is Winning, By Tom Luongo, 01/25/2018
--Kenneth Rogoff: "Cryptocurrencies-Laws To Step In Shut Down. Bitcoin Likely Worth $10 In A Decade," By Christopher Gisiger, 01/19/2018
--A New Record High - Venezuela's Inflation Climbs Above 7,000%, By Steve H. Hanke, 01/25/2018
--Did You Make These Mistakes In Cryptocurrency? Accounting Firm Has The Stats, By Joe Jarvis, 01/25/2018
(EY Research: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) December 2017)
--(Video 01:02:48) The Crypto-Asset Bubble, Panel Discussion World Economic Forum Davos, Switzerland, 01/25/2018
--What Determines The Price Of A Bitcoin, By Brent Radcliffe, 01/25/2018
--Look At Who Owns Bitcoin (Young Men), And Why (Lack of Trust), By Kailey Leinz, 01/24/2018
--List of Top 10+ Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites, By Ankit Thakor, 01/22/2018
--(Commentary) Bitcoin, By Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 01/22/2018
--How To Survive A Crypto Market Crash, By Kirill So, 01/16/2018
--South Korea’s Government Reportedly Planning To Hit Cryptocurrency Exchanges With Tax Bills, By Rebecca Campbell, 01/22/2018
--IMF Calls for Global Talks On Digital FX As Bitcoin Whipsaws, By Andrew Mayeda & Shelly Hagan, 01/21/2018
--Two Quadrillion Bitcoins, By David Hathaway, 01/22/2018
--Weiss Ratings To Launch Cryptocurrency Grades This Week, By JD Alois, 01/21/2018
--Bitcoin Laundering Less Than One Percent Of All Transactions, By Jon Buck, 01/21/2018
--(Opinion) OF COURSE Governments Won't Give Up Control Of Money - That’s Why Crypto Is Crashing, By Jim Edwards, 01/20/2018
--The One Reason Why The Crypto Crash Is Temporary, By Bill Bonner 01/20/2018
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Testimony: (U.S. Treasury)
(U.S. Department of Justice)
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(Video 19:20)
--(Working Paper, Registration Required Pre-Access) Bitcoin Laundering: An Analysis Of Illicit Flows Into Digital Currency Services, By Tom Robinson, D.Phil, & Yaya Fanusie, 01/12/2018
(Working Paper DL Link Active @01/15/2018 .pdf)
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S. Ravishankar, 05/10/2017
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--(Opinion) Bitcoin Won’t Be Replaced By A Newer Cryptocurrency, By Phil Geiger, 10/16/2017
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--Tweet: "Bitcoin is a measure of the failure of all our other currencies, and the govts behind them," By Amity Shlaes, 10/15/2017 
--Tweet(s): "#bitcoin and #cryptocurrencies aren't the thing, they're the thing that gets us to the thing,"
"it's not about #bitcoin bubble growing, it's about fiat bubble bursting," By @DoctorLex 10/15-16/2017
--Antonopoulos: Bitcoin Is Inherently Resistant To Contentious Hard Forks, By Kyle Torpey, 04/13/2017
--Russia Issuing ‘CryptoRuble’, Jon Buck, 10/15/2017
--(Monetary) Sound Money, By Warren Coats, 10/14/2017
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--(Video 3:31) JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: "I Could Care Less About Bitcoin," CNBC, 10/13/2017 
--Bitcoin, 9 Top Altcoins Capture 90% Crypto Market Share With $150 Bln Cap, By Olusegun Ogundeji, 10/13/2017 
--(Cashless Society Video 19:42) Big Brother's War On Cash, Ron Paul/Chris Rossini, 10/13/2017
--(Cashless Society - Video 16:07) The Top Ten Most Cashless Countries, By Rethinking The Dollar, 10/13/2017
--(Op-Ed) Is There a Future For Banking In A Cryptocurrency-Dominated World?, By Jeffrey A. Tucker, 10/11/2017
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--Eight Things You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies, By James Altucher, 10/12/2017
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--(Press Release) Globitex (To) Launch Token Sale For Spot And Derivatives Exchange In Bitcoin, By Tom Clancy, 10/11/2017
--“It’s A Decentralized Revolution” - Novogratz Sees Bitcoin At $10,000 Within A Year, By Tyler Durden, 10/11/2017
--Why Crypto-Currencies Are The Next Dotcom Bubble, By Aaron Clarey, 10/11/2017
--(Heated Debate/Discussion) Erik Voorhees Doubles Down On B2X Support: "Witch Hunt Intensifying," By Readish, 10/11/2017
--Russian Central Bank To Ban Websites Offering Crypto-Currencies, 10/10/2017
--Putin Backs Cryptocurrency Rules, Warns Of ‘Serious Risks’, By Ilya Arkhipov-Olga Tanas-Andrey Biryukov-Anna Baraulina, 10/10/2017 
--Collapse of Bitcoin Inevitable According to Harvard Economics Professor, By Jacob J., 10/10/2017 
--Crypto Fool's Gold?, By Kenneth Rogoff, 10/09/2017
-U.S. Department of State Forum on Blockchain Technology, 10/10/2017
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--Enabling Entrepreneurship And Lowering Costs Through Smart Contracts, By Partin Pruthi, 10/10/2017
--Welcome To Crypto Valley: Swiss City Of Zug Embraces Digital Currency, By Hugo Miller, 10/09/2017 
--Transforming Face-To-Face Identity Proofing Into Anonymous Digital Identity Using The Bitcoin Blockchain, By Daniel Augot/Hervé Chabanne/Olivier Clémot/William George , 10/09/2017
--(Discussion) Who Thinks BTC Is A Viable Currency Option, And Who Thinks It Is Just A Store Of Value, By Travis-Crisp, 10/09/2017
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--(Technical) 2x Or NO2X: Why Some Want To Hard Fork Bitcoin — And Why Others Do Not, By Aaron Van Wirdum, 10/06/2017
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--Chief Indian Economist: Bitcoin Won’t Become A ‘Legal Currency’ In India Without Regulation, By Rebecca Campbell, 10/07/2017
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(Full Article)
--Coinbase And The Power of Bitcoin Exchanges, By Pascal Thellmann, 10/05/2017
--24 Crypto Experts: What Are All These Blockchains And Crypto Assets Building?, By Laura Shin, 10/05/2017
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--Head Of Philadelphia Fed: More Trust In Government Than Bitcoin, By Jon Buck, 09/30/2017
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--(Cashless Society - Opinion) Just One Crisis Away From Cashless, By Mike Konrad, 09/30/2017
--IMF Chief Tells Central Bankers To Not Dismiss Bitcoin, By Pan Pylas, 09/29/2017
(Full Transcript) Christine Lagarde 09/29/2017 Speech:
--(Federal Reserve Leadership) Kevin Warsh Fed Chair Odds Soar After WSJ Report Of Trump Meeting, By Tyler Durden, 09/29/2017 
--(Cashless Society - Opinion) Big Brother's Cashless Scheme, By Norman Rogers, 09/29/2017
--(Macro Analytics - Opinion) An Archaic GDP Formula Hides The Fact The USA Is Already In A Depression, By Gordon T. Long, 09/29/2017 
--Meet The World's No.1 Bitcoin Derivatives Trader: "It's Pure Unlicensed Capitalism", By Tyler Durden, 09/28/2017
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--Cryptocurrency Concentration - Just 4% Own Over 95% Of Bitcoin, By Tyler Durden, 09/19/2017 
(Graphic- Bitcoin Wealth Distribution at 09/12/2017) 
(Top 100 Richest Bitcoin Addresses)
--(Global Economic Stability) "This Is Where The Next Financial Crisis Will Come From," By Tyler Durden/Jim Reid, 09/19/2017
--Bitcoin Is Beyond Government Control, By Jessica Sier, 09/19/2017 
--BIS: Too Soon To Determine Risks Of Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrencies, By Jemima Kelly, 09/17/2017
--(BIS Report) Central Bank Cryptocurrencies, By Morten Linnemann Bech and Rodney Garratt, 09/17/2017 
.PDF Version (16 Pages, 227KB): 
--India May Issue Its Own Bitcoin-like Cryptocurrency As Legal Tender, By Tyler Durden, 09/17/2017
--Is Google Coming For Your Cryptos?, By Tyler Durden, 09/17/2017
--Bitcoin In The Browser: Google, Apple and More Adopting Crypto-Compatible API, By Michael del Castillo, 09/16/2017 
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--China To Close All Bitcoin Exchanges By End-September: Yicai, By Reuters Staff, 09/14/2017
--India Central Bank 'Not Comfortable' With Bitcoin, Reuters, 09/14/2017
--Mohamed El-Erian: Bitcoin Is Overpriced And Will Not See Widespread Use, By Livine Sanchez, 09/14/2017
--China Bitcoin Exchange to Stop Trading Virtual Currencies Amid Crackdown, By Cao Lispet, 09/14/2017
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--US Lawmakers Seek Tax Exemption For Bitcoin Transactions Below $600, By Stan Higgins, 09/07/2017
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Ethereum, Bitcoin Crash -- After China Declares Initial Coin Offerings Illegal, By Tyler Durden, 09/04/2017 
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--Banxico Chief: "Bitcoin Should Be Treated Like A Commodity," By Tyler Durden, 08/28/2017
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(Fund Prospectus:
--(Sovereign Wealth Fund) Norway Government Forces Sovereign Wealth Fund To Buy 100 Billion More In Stocks, By Tyler Durden, 08/22/2017
--(Tax) Could Puerto Rico Be the Next Hot Tax Haven?, By Tom Metcalf, 08/22/2017
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--U.S. Sanctions Mandate That Foreign Governments Monitor Cryptocurrency To Combat Terrorism, 08/13/2017
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--(Video, Going Cashless, 20:24) The Global Unit Of Account Is Now Shifting From The USD To The SDR, By Lynette Zang, 08/08/2017
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--Grandpa Had A Pension. This Generation Has Cryptocurrency., By Teddy Wayne, 08/04/2017 
--(Audio Interview, Multi-Topic, 1:08:36 mins.) Louis Cammaraosano: Is Crypto Currency Demand Impacting Precious Metal Demand,? By Jason
Burack, 08/01/2017
--IRS Now Actively Seeking Bitcoin Tax Evaders, By Robert Wenzel, 07/31/2017 
--Why Everyone Missed The Most Mind-Blowing Feature Of Cryptocurrency, By Daniel Jeffries, 07/31/2017
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--FinCEN Fines BTC-e For Violating U.S. Anti-Money Laundering Laws, By Jeremy Nation, 07/26/2017
--Russian National And Bitcoin Exchange Charged For Operating Alleged International Money Laundering Scheme, By U.S. DOJ, 07/26/2017 
--Bankers Ditch 7-Figure Salaries To Climb Aboard The ICO "Rocketship," By Tyler Durden, 07/26/2017 
--This Is What It Will Take For Bitcoin To Become A Legit Currency, By Sue Chang, 07/26/2017
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--(Regulatory) U.S. Signals Clampdown On Red-Hot Digital Coin Offerings, By Matthew Leising And Camila Russo, 07/25/2017
(SEC Press Release:
--Bitcoin Options Will Be Available This Fall, By Camila Russo, 07/25/2017
(Discussion -
--(Cashless Society) “We Are Declaring War On Cash,” Bank Spokesman Andy Gerlt, By Vince B. Lanci, 07/24/2017
--Bisq-The P2P Exchange Network,
--A Bitcoin Beginner’s Guide To Surviving The BIP 148 UASF, By Aaron Van Wirdum, 05/31/2017
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(addl. narrative, comments:
--(Monetary) Legal Tender Status/What Are Federal Reserve/U.S. Notes?, By U.S. Dept. Of The Treasury, 01/04/2011
--(U.S. Government Spending) Monthly Federal Spending Tops $400 Billion for First Time, By Terence P. Jeffrey, 07/13/2017
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--CFTC Approves Options Trading In Bitcoin, By Tyler Durden, 07/08/2017
--CFTC Approves Registration of Bitcoin Platform LedgerX, By Jason Grimes, 07/07/2017 
--Bitcoin And Ethereum Are 'Cannibalizing' Gold, By Joe Ciolli, 07/07/2017
--China Central Bank Advisor: "Bitcoin As A Currency Could Collapse Entire Economies," By Tyler Durden, 07/07/2017 
--(Monetary, Legal Tender Video-20:41mins.) Bitcoin Could COLLAPSE Financial System According to China Central Bank Advisor!, By Money GPS, 07/07/2017 
--Bitcoin Can Be An Asset But Not Currency, By Brenda Goh, 07/06/2017
--Former Bain Manager Launches $50 Million Bitcoin and Ethereum Fund, By Michael del Castillo, 07/06/2017
--PBOC Hires Blockchain Engineers Who Will Oversee Creation Of The "Digital RMB," By Tyler Durden, 07/04/2017
--Delaware House Passes Historic Blockchain Regulation, By Michael del Castillo, 07/01/2017
--(Federal Reserve - Central Banking) Banks Begin To Mutiny Against The Fed, By Tyler Durden, 07/01/2017 
--Understanding The Cryptocurrency Boom (And Its Volatility), By Charles Hugh Smith, 06/29/2017
--(Debt - Opinion) Debt Is The Third Benjamin Franklin Certainty, By David Stockman, 06/29/2017
--(Congressional Hearing) The Federal Reserve’s Impact on Main Street, Retirees, and Savings, 06/28/2017
Hearing Photoset: 
Hearing Video Presentation (2hr. 15min.): 
Insights From Congressional Hearing On The Fed, Featuring Alex J. Pollock, 07/25/2017
--(Financial Crime Culpability Video-56:51 mins.) All the Plenary's Men, By Luciano Silva, 06/26/2017
--(Financial Crime Culpability Video-9:15 mins.) Bradley Birkenfeld - Lucifer’s Banker turns Whistleblower, By RT, 04/16/2017 
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--(Video-11:45 mins.) Blockstack: A Project To Rebuild The Internet Using Blockchain Technology, By ReasonTV, 06/22/2017
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--(Technical) Hijacking Bitcoin Routing Attacks On Cryptocurrencies, By Maria Apostolaki-Aviv Zohar-Laurent Vanbever, 06/27/2017
--(Technical) Mathematical Proof That the Lightning Network Cannot Be a Decentralized Bitcoin Scaling Solution
By Jonald Fyookball, 06/26/2017
--IMF Urges Banks To Invest In Cryptocurrencies, By Nathan Reiff, 06/26/2017
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--(Unconventional Monetary) The Swiss National Bank Owns $80 Billion in US Stocks—Here’s the Catch, By John Mauldin, 06/23/2017
--Bitcoin Is Money, By Valentin Schmid, 06/21/2017 
(article comments
--How Central Banks Intend To Fight CryptoCurrencies, By Louis Cammarosano, 06/21/2017
--(Central Banking) Citizens Will Soon Turn Their Rage Towards Central Bankers, By Albert Edwards, 06/21/2017 
--Can Blockchain Transform The World? 8 Influencers Weigh In On Its Value, By Gabriela Motroc, June 21, 2017
--Growing Scepticism Challenges The Blockchain Hype, By Izabella Kaminska, 06/20/2017
--Digital 'Currencies' Are All A Scam, By Karl Denninger, 06/17/2017
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--Central Banks Are Driving Many To Cryptocurrencies, By Dmelza Hays, 06/17/2017 
(article comments:
--(Crypto Currency Use-Commerce) BitPremier The Bitcoin Luxury Marketplace, June 2017
--Bitcoin Plunges To 2-Week Lows On Triple-Whammy Of Concerns, By Tyler Durden, 06/15/2017
--Traders Are Flooding Morgan Stanley With Calls To Explain Why Bitcoin Is Soaring, By Tyler Durden, 06/14/2017 
--(Central Bank - Digital Currencies) Bundesbank's Weidmann: Digital Currencies Will Make The Next Crisis Worse, By Tyler Durden, 06/14/2017
--Putin Meets With Ethereum Founder To Create National Virtual Currency, By Tyler Durden, 06/12/2017 
--Tim Draper Invests in Bancor, By Galia Benartzi, 06/12/2017
--(Monetary - Opinion) Debt-Based Money Corrodes Society, By Brian Maher, 06/10/2017 
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--Ethereum is Moving in the Right Direction Says Senior Official at China’s PBoC, 06/06/2017
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--Factom’s Latest Investment Sends Draper Startup $8mln Higher, By William Suberg, 04/19/2017
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By Catey Hill , 06/21/2016
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Twaronite and Leika Kihara, 03/27/2016
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Kennedy, 03/22/2016
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Be "A Smidgen" Slower Than He Thought in December, By Robert Wenzel, 02/03/2016
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Responds To Question On Why The Fed Has A 2% Inflation Target, By Robert Wenzel, 01/29/2016 
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(Jamie Dimon Video 1:23)
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By Tom Simonite, 09/29/2015
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--$1.9 Mil. Grant Awarded for "The Science and Applications of Crypto-Currency" By The National Science Foundation, 06/29/2015;jsessionid=GnvtVJ7XV27mBJHNNHmKHg3yDYLCdB35FJZm1lYpPQcqjwJj6yw1!1587853775!-1319372936?_nfpb=true&_windowLabel=rsrRecentAwards_2&wsrp-urlType=blockingAction&wsrp-url=&wsrp-requiresRewrite=&wsrp-navigationalState=eJyLL07OL0i1Tc-JT0rMUYNQtgBZ6Af8&wsrp-interactionState=wlprsrRecentAwards_2_action%3DviewRsrDetail%26wlprsrRecentAwards_2_fedAwrdId%3D1518765&wsrp-mode=wsrp%3Aview&wsrp-windowState=
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(also see article:
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Thomas L. Hogan(Troy Univ.); William J. Luther (Kenyon College), 11/27/2014
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(Video Presentation Bitcoin Will Bite The Dust)
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Ribbit Capital, Peter Smith, President-Blockchain, 11/17/2014
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August 2014
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By Ísak Andri Ólafsson, M.Sc Degree Thesis in Financial Economics, Department of Economics, School of Social Sciences at the University of Iceland June 2014 
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The United States Senate held hearings in Washington DC on Virtual Currencies, indicating they are now on the 'radar screens' of policy makers.

Beyond Silk Road: Potential Risks, Threats, and Promises of Virtual Currencies
November 18, 2013 03:00PM
Location: SD-342, Dirksen Senate Office Building

[view archive webcast]

Chairman Thomas R. Carper D (DE)    Download Statement (34.1 KB)

Panel I

Jennifer Shasky Calvery
Director, Financial Crimes Enforcement
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Download Testimony (393.6 KB)
Mythili Raman
Acting Assistant Attorney General,
Criminal Division
U.S. Department of Justice
Download Testimony (68.3 KB)
Edward W. Lowery III
Special Agent in Charge,
Criminal Investigative Division
U.S. Secret Service,
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Download Testimony (94.7 KB)

Panel II         

Ernie Allen
President and Chief Executive Officer
The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children
Download Testimony (62.3 KB)
Patrick Murck
General Counsel
The Bitcoin Foundation, Inc.
Download Testimony (1.07 MB)
Download Testimony (181.8 KB)
Jeremy Allaire
Chief Executive Officer
Circle Internet Financial, Inc.
Download Testimony (87 KB)
Jerry Brito
Senior Research Fellow,
The Mercatus Center
George Mason University
Download Testimony (741.2 KB)

The Present and Future Impact of Virtual Currency
National Security and International Trade and Finance
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
03:30 PM - 05:30 AM
538 Dirksen Senate Office Building
[view archive webcast]

will meet in OPEN SESSION to conduct a hearing entitled “The Present and Future Impact of Virtual Currency”.
The witnesses on Panel I will be: Ms. Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Director, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network; and Mr. David Cotney, Commissioner of Banks, Massachusetts Division of Banks. The witnesses on Panel II will be: Mr. Anthony Gallippi, Co-founder and CEO, BitPay, Incorporated; Ms. Mercedes Kelley Tunstall, Partner and Practice Leader, Privacy and Data Security Group, Ballard Spahr LLP; Ms. Sarah Jane Hughes, University Scholar and Fellow in Commercial Law, Indiana University Maurer School of Law; and Mr. Paul Smocer, BITS President, Financial Services Roundtable.

Panel 1  Mark R. Warner (Chairman) Subcommittee On National Security And International Trade And Finance


Ms. Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Director, Financial Crimes
Enforcement Network [
view testimony]
Mr. David Cotney, Commissioner of Banks, Massachusetts Division of Banks
[view testimony]

Panel 2 Jeff Merkley (Chairman) Subcommittee On Economic Policy


Mr. Anthony Gallippi
Co-founder and CEO
BitPay, Incorporated
[view testimony]
Ms. Mercedes Kelley Tunstall
Partner and Practice Leader, Privacy and Data Security Group Ballard Spahr LLP  [
view testimony]
Ms. Sarah Jane Hughes
University Scholar and Fellow in Commercial Law Maurer School of Law,
University of Indiana
[view testimony]
Mr. Paul Smocer
BITS President
Financial Services Roundtable
view testimony]

Virtual Currencies in Virtual World Environments

During the U.S. Senate hearing on 'The Present and Future Impact of Virtual Currency,' during the panel 1 discussion, 
National Security and International Trade and Finance Subcommittee Chairman Mark Warner mentioned an appearance he had made in the Virtual World Second Life. These are images of his Avatar during that appearance, as well as Senator Warner at his computer, enabling him to move his avatar and communicate by voice to the in-world audience.


Virtual Worlds have experimented with differing forms of virtual currency, for example, The Linden Dollar in the virtual world Second Life.
Questions now arising with emerging virtual currencies, such as taxability, depositor safety, money laundering, etc., came to the forefront as well.
These are images of avatars in the virtual world Second Life attending an ongoing series called
Metanomics, led by Cornell University Professor Robert Bloomfield. The topic for this session was termed the 'Second Life Banking Crisis,' and featured the Chief Executive of Denmark domiciled Saxo Bank. 

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