We're seeing more in-community purchasing. Games are out-front in that area. People are buying things from within games and not going to a commerce site. That kind of thing will happen more and more -- the emergence of content and commerce.
   --Jim Wehmann, VP, Strategic Marketing Services, Digital River
CongressEntersTheMetaversDanMillerMetanomicsSL10082007_012            Metanomics With Dan Miller
Dan Miller, Senior Economist, Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress discussed in an private individual capacity a variety of virtual world policy issues including taxation, money laundering, and how Congress may deal with these and other issues.
Discussion and interview took place in the virtual world Second Life as part of the Metanomics Series, hosted by Nick Wilson of and Professor Robert Bloomfield, Cornell University, Johnson School Of Management.

Please go here for a full event overview, photoset, and video link.

Check out Dan Miller's blog, Economics Of Virtual World's.
Photos and event overview are now posted for the Metaversed First Friday Tech Expo held in the virtual world Second Life.



Voice Comes To The Virtual World Second Life

The use of voice interaction was in beta test until August 2007 in the virtual world Second Life.   These photosets are taken of various voice chat sessions during the beta test period.

Havok 4, an updated physics engine is undergoing a beta test phase in the virtual world Second Life.

Here is the Second Life Insider announcement.

An ongoing Wiki has been established here to monitor and collaborate on progress. 
My Photo

Look into the ball and tell me what you see.......

Christian Renaud 'pontificates' on the direction of Virtual World's.

Collective Intelligence In Synthetic Worlds

“Synthetic Environments and the Enterprise,” was a mixed reality event that took place at the Santa Clara Techmart, Santa Clara, California, and at the Cisco Systems outdoor theater in Second Life.
A photoset may be seen here.

Entrepreneurship In Virtual Worlds

Edelman Worldwide, a global communications and public relations firm in conjunction with The Electric Sheep Company, a Metaverse virtual world development and event company, teamed up to hold a business plan contest in the virtual world Second Life.

Second Life: The Official Guide

Hamlet Au, Walker Spaight, Catherine Omega, along with event moderator Aimee Weber,  showed up in all their 'Avatar glory' at Kula 1 in the virtual world Second Life, to mingle and take questions about their book, Second Life: The Official Guide.

Go here for an event photoset and book description.
Okay, ever wanted your very own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame?  Well, why wait when you can have one custom made just for you at AOL Pointe in the virtual world Second Life.  The skateboarding, movies, music, and dance facility are pretty cool too.

Click here to check the star walk and AOL Pointe out.

In conjunction with
New York City's Fashion Week, iVillage and Aspire put on a stunning virtual fashion show in the virtual world Second Life.
  Please go here for a photoset and event description.
Brewster Kahle Interviewed in Second Life
CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman (SL: GreeterDan Godel) interviewed Internet Archive founder and Internet pioneer, Brewster Kahle (SL: Brewster Acronym), January 23, 2007 at the CNET Networks auditorium in Second Life.  The conversation covered the importance of archiving the Web's content, the DMCA, need for open content, as well as neutrality associated with content delivery vehicles. 
Mr. Kahle put out a request for volunteers to assist in archiving content in digital format, be it books, music, or what not.  
Event photos are located hereAn event transcript is located here.

  Virtual Capitol Hill   
A privately commissioned Capitol Hill build on Second Life, complete with a U.S. House of Representatives chamber, and issue specific outdoor kiosks has opened.
Longtime noted cyber writer Declan McCullagh
reports on the launch
Go here for photos

World Economic Forum--Davos, Switzerland
Second Life Reuters Bureau Chief Adam Reuters (real life name Adam Pasick), recently conducted a series of interviews with artists, politicians and executives at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in front of a live Second Life audience.  Attendance in the Reuters Auditorium was limited to 50 on a first-come, first-served basis. Archived audio and video feeds are via the  Reuters Second Life News Center.
Interview with Mitch Kapor. Chairman Linden Lab (creator of Second Life)
Cisco Systems unveils connected home in virtual world Second LifeRob CiscoSystems, Mike CiscoSystems, joined by Christian CiscoSystems unveiled their connected home initiative at Cisco's newly opened home on Second Life. 

Go here for event photos and overview
IBM Innovation Island and Virtual Lotusphere
 Lotusphere Goes Virtual  "IBM keeps finding new ways to use Second Life for old things. A virtual parallel of the Lotusphere 2007 conference is one of the latest.  7,000 people are expected to descend on the complex in Orlando to hear about the latest social/tech innovations in IBM Lotus software.  The conference is being paralleled in Second Life The build " is [...] assisted by the able Jessica Qin and her team." IBM Metaverse Evangelist, Ian Hughes, who operates in conjunction with fellow Evangelist Roo Reynolds has posted excellent in-world event photos on the Eightbar blog
BMW representative addresses SL Business Communicators questions at BMW New World facility in Second Life

BMW representative Munich Express addressed a variety of questions at their recently opened facility in Second Life, with an initial focus on energy efficient vehicles, as well as how they see utilizing virtual world spaces for a variety of undertakings.   Event photos may be seen at this link.

Four Eyed Monsters movie screened at Sundance Island in the virtual world Second Life.  Go here for photos and overview.
Ogoglio Project Presentation
Held at Sheep Tower, on Sheep Island. 
Machinima is an emerging virtual world content creation art form.  One of the top machinima creators and participants in this space is Moo Money.  Ms. Money also hosts the popular Grid Review in the virtual world Second Life.  She addressed a gathering of Second Thursday In Second Life group members at the Alt-Zoom Studios theater in Second life.  The outstanding presentation explained what machinima is, where it is going, and showed a couple of machinima shorts, including one that introduced the Sundance presentation of the real life movie Four Eyed Monsters in the virtual world Second Life.
 Go here for presentation photoset.  
State of the Virtual World – Second Life Key Metrics


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Articles May Be in Pay Archive Status or No Longer Available)

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Gwyneth Llewelyn, New World Notes, 09/21/2007
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Second Life's Real World Problems, Kristina Dell,, 08/09/2007

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Web 2.0 And The CEO, Perspective By George Colony,, 08/07/2007
Could Second Life Be A Hit For The Semiconductor Industry?, Ann Steffora Mutschler,, 08/06/2007
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Daniel Terdiman,, 01/08/2007
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Daniel Terdiman,, 01/03/2007
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Photos and event overviews are up from:
---Electric Sheep Company, Washington, D.C. Future Salon Presentation on Virtual Worlds such as Second Life and Laguna Beach.     

---From Rhetoric To Reality: Making Innovation More Than Just A Campaign Slogan, Association For Competitive Technology (ACT)

---Digitizing Medical Records: What are the ChokePoints?, Progressive Policy Institute (PPI)

---Telecommunications Reform: Is the "Network Layers" Approach the Right One?, Progressive Policy Institute (PPI)

---"Spyware: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You", U.S. House Of Representatives

---"Monitoring Software On Your PC: Spyware, Adware, And Other Software.", U.S. Federal Trade Commission

---Rational Exuberance: Silencing the Enemies of Growth and Why the Future is Better Than You Think, Progressive Policy Institute (PPI)

Privacy And Technology: Looking Backward, Looking Forward, held at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.