Solar Technology In
Virtual Worlds
Federal Virtual Worlds Expo: Implementing the Future

Information Resources Management College
Fort McNair, Washington, D.C.
3a Room 103

Agenda - April 24, 2008

 Glenn StrahsóDOE/Jim Rapp--Cyberstrategies
Department of Energy: Solar Energy in a Virtual World
This presentation will demonstrate the use of virtual worlds to enable the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to engage in solar energy related technology prototyping, consumer-professional education, and collaboration as a means to both publicly and internally carry out its mission. A virtual rendition of a Solar Decathlon home will be visited where discussion will take place on how virtual worlds can play a role in Solar Decathlon 2009, as well as joint U.S.- Spain collaboration in anticipation of Solar Decathlon Europe 2010.
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Virtual Worlds Expo PowerPoint Presentation

The images contained here were taken in a 3-D Virtual World. 

Shown are photosets encompassing:

---Co2 Emissions With Today's Power Mix
---A Photovoltaic Power Station
---Power Consumption Of A Household
---Saddle And Flat Roof Home Solar Panel Installations
---Signs and note cards explaining solar technology, and what is being demonstrated.

Also shown is a virtual recreation of a real life Solar Decathlon 2007 home, associated with an October 2007 international competition held in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall.

A virtual world offers a sense of community, and is a great environment to learn, while having fun.  Avatars, a representation of an end user, are able to roam around in a virtual world, undertaking many activities not so unlike the real world, yet also able to do much more, such as fly, or 'teleport' to many locations. 

Web and online content such as databases, video, and documents can be incorporated into these worlds.
Instructional sessions can be held using audio-video technology, and teaching aids such as PowerPoint type slide presentations.
The medium is also great to raise issue awareness, for example in respect to environmental and cost savings associated with solar technology, or interest young people in alternative energy related careers.

Virtual worlds are perfect for prototyping and proof-of-concept builds, which could include an energy friendly solar powered home, solar equipment, or really anything that can be imagined.  Virtual world prototyping enjoys low cost, ease of production and modification, 3-D visual conceptualization.  Proof of concept builds can be useful to educate and entice, leading to project adoption and support.

Virtual worlds are here to stay.  Can you really afford to not be a part of them?


                                 Solar Energy In A Virtual World

A virtual world island demonstrating solar technologies, as well as how clean energy reduces pollutants.  Solar collector panels that are placed on home and building structures, as well as on the ground are shown.  Signs and note cards are available to explain in detail the technology.

A 3-D virtual world environment offers the ability to easily implement proof of concept and prototyping

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Co2 Emissions With Today's Power Mix

Photovoltaic Power Station

Power Consumption Of A Household

Saddle Roof Solar Installation

Flat Roof Solar Installation


               Prototyping - Product Exhibition - Product Marketing - Product Education
                                                             In A 3-D Virtual World

Demonstrated is recreation of a Solar Decathlon 2007 home, which was part of a real life competition held in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall, October 2007
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Solar Decathlon 2007 Virtual Home
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A Virtual Modular Solar Home In A Virtual World, Along With Solar Home Information And Exhibits
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