Published Works

Mr. Rapp was an early entrant in this emerging field, bringing to light key policy and legal questions via his published work Electronic Commerce: A Washington Perspective and later treatise on Governance And The Proliferation of International Electronic Markets.

Mr. Rapp has been a regular contributor to online publications.  The following are examples of his work:
A nasty fight is being waged to control high-bandwidth Internet access into America's homes, and whoever wins could control much of the Internet pie.
Read why ISPs, phone companies, and even consumer groups have been making a public to-do, in hope of forcing cable companies to sell Internet capacity to all comers.
austinmiracle0211.gif (9770 bytes) The Austin technology marketplace has gotten red hot with IPOs from Vignette, and PC Order.  Others are in the works.  Find out how central Texas technology evolved into what it is today.
hightech0422-336.gif (8448 bytes) This in-depth article explores whether girl oriented games help encourage girls to explore and perhaps enter the technology field.

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